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WTB 1955 Buick Special with Dynaflow center section of rear end


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  • NailheadBob changed the title to WTB 1955 Buick Special with Dynaflow center section of rear end

Good to post what state you live in(not exact address), becuz shipping is $$$$$ the closer the better! I have various ratios, but you may not be close to Many-snow-duh,(MN). Im approx 25 miles from downtown Minneapolis. Currently, "State of confusion"(see news broadcasts).

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9 hours ago, NailheadBob said:



Are you going to Buick Nationals in Lisle, Il June of 2022, and if so could you bring rear end carrier with you?


Thanks, Bob

Well, I got x-rays of both my hands for an appoint with the Doc. He said your x-rays show you have no cartilidge left in any of the knuckles of your fingers! When bone rubs against bone some pain is involved. It's osteoarthritis and cartilidge does not grow back or heal or regenerate! The reason I'm staying this is to let you know I may have those parts, but disassembly, lifting, all those things I used to take for granted, not so much now. I'm moving toward folks hafta pick stuff up here, cuz I don't have a way anymore to do much hand work. Welcome to visit and pick stuff up here! I can still photo things for you. Thinking hard about strategy for 'workaround'!

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