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1932 Plymouth PB Fuel Tank Sending Unit

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5 hours ago, Bluejeepnut said:

Did you try KM Lifestyle, Mfg. Auburn, MA?

KM Lifestyle sold me a non-functioning sending unit some years back. Unfortunately I did not test it on purchase and any warranty was long gone when I finally mounted it, but I am rather disappointed in the company's lack of response to my e-mail asking for likely faults to check and if it can be repaired.

Having said that, I replaced the sending unit with one from another Mopar. Looks like the style and ohm-range is standard for several years, and maybe 30% of the old ones I have tested are still functioning.

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If I recall correctly, the sending unit on the PB is visible. If that memory is correct and you desire authenticity then getting the original repaired may be your best option.


If it is hidden from casual view, like in the 1933 and later cars, or if you are more worried about having the fuel gauge work than how the sending unit looks, they you can modify a modern universal sender to work for you. See: https://www.ply33.com/Repair/fuelsender2.html

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