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Changes are afoot that will effect our hobby. Help prepare - FREE!

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  • Within 20 years 3/4 of all new car and small trucks sales will be electric vehicles (EV).
  • By 2040 there will be more EVs on the road than internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE).  


Don't brush those projections away. Just ask the automobile manufacturers. They believe it, not with press releases, but with their pocketbooks.  They've committed $100Billion+++ to EV technology in the coming years. They are making those investments and expect a return on their investment. In the process, they are reshaping the automobile as we know it.  Debate all you like on when, why, and if it should happen, it won't change a thing. The switch to EV is inevitable.


We need to get in front of these changes by planning and participating in legislation that will effect our hobby: 


  • Legislation to reduce carbon emissions could effect crude oil access
  • Legislation could effect assess to gasoline and even gas stations
  • Legislation could effect gas prices
  • Legislation addressing concerns of pollution from our vehicles will become more prevalent
  • Legislation could effect access to replacement parts 
  • Legislation could reduce or restrict our ability to drive our vehicles on public roads


How You Can Help?


The Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association Action Network is a nationwide partnership between vehicle clubs, enthusiasts and members of the specialty auto parts industry who want to protect their hobby. Founded in 1997, the SAN was designed to help stamp out legislative threats to the automotive hobby and pass favorable laws. The SAN regularly:

  • Rallies the support of 3,000-plus car clubs, thousands of individual contacts, and 100-plus publications, with an estimated reach of 36 million enthusiasts nationwide, amplifying SEMA’s political voice on issues affecting the specialty equipment auto parts industry.
  • Sends out action alerts to generate an abundance of responses to state and/or federal legislative actions and regulatory proposals.
  • Issues timely updates of legislative and regulatory developments.


Enlist to Stay Informed

The SEMA Action Network (SAN) is the legislative voice of car fans in the U.S. and Canada. We shape the course of car hobby legislation before it becomes law. By registering below, you will have the tools to influence bills in your state—no fees, SPAM or "catch." We'll also keep you posted on trends throughout Legislatures nationwide through the official online publication, Driving Force.


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