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Dodge meadowbrook, oh my...

Tired iron

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Hi all,

New to this forum...but, I'm sure I'll be here often as I've just begun a new project, a 1950 Dodge meadowbrook.  I'm not new to auto restorations, but have mostly worked on British stuff (just finishing up a 67 Austin Healey sprite). 


This is my first restoration on an older American car, gotta admit, and will both need and welcome all advice and help.


I bought this sight unseen for 200 bucks. It as spent most of its entire life up lake chelan where there are about 5 miles total of road. Consequently, the mileage on her is very low. I had to bring it down on a barge.


Unfortunately,  the winters have been hard on her. They can get 20 FEET of accumulated snow pack. The roof is very carved in and the front floor pans rotten out. Surprisingly,  other than that, the body is in pretty good shape, glass and chrome are good.

I havent dug into the engine yet.

Today was getting the seats out and all the rat droppings and dirt. Oh man it was bad.


Here's a few pictures.


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You've got a long road ahead, on your hands, now !!! So to speak.... Enjoy the journey....


The good news for you is that I have MOUNTAINS  of parts for this car!!!


Sorry, no body or cosmetic parts --- No grilles, fenders, moldings, radio knobs, floor pans, etc., etc.......


What I do have is :


BRAKES --- Master Cylinder,  ALL six (6) Wheel Cylinders  (yes, this car has Uppers & Lowers on the Fronts--- so six (6) overall), Brake Shoes, Brake Hoses, and more --- and you ARE going to want to replace all of that, first thing....


FRONT END --- King Pins, Pin Kits, Tie Rods,  and the rest....


FUEL PUMP (New, Ethanol-gas compatible material...No Core Required)...


WATER PUMP --- New, No Core Required....


Ignition and Electrical, Tune Up --- Points, Condenser, Rotor, Cap, and Spark Plugs, Voltage Regulator, and much more....


Everything listed is NEW, QUALITY, and U.S.A. made !!!

And a whoooooole lot more.....


Always best to simply call me  --- 516 - 485 - 1935... New York....

Yours, Craig.....



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