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BaT 65 Gran Sport


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This GS was my brothers car before Dick owned it.  I didn't realize it was on BAT because questions arose as to its mileage, and its options if original (not listed on the data plate).  I bought it back in 1986 from the second owner and spoke to the original owner found on the Protect-O-Plate. I know how it was originally "born" and it has a lot more options today than when it came from the factory. Some of these options were installed by the original owner but most were installed by a San Diego ROA member who we sold it to and he then sold it to Dick around the mid-90s. 

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I remember when Dick Sweeney took this Black GS to Mesa in 1996 and it came 2nd in the GS class.

Yes, this Riv was loaded with every option you can think of.

This 65GS was previously owned by ROA Member Chuck Goode.


I asked Dick that if he ever was going to sell it that I would like 1st option.

Some years after... Dick was offered ridiculous money (more 2 times what the going price was at the time)

and sold it, but regretted it for many years. 

Looks like that this Riv is still pulling the big dollars when it comes up for sale.


Tom K


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