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For Sale: 1935 Dodge DU Sedan - $17,900 - Syracuse, NY - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1935 Dodge DU 4dr Sedan - $17,900 - Syracuse, NY

1935 Dodge DU Sedan - cars & trucks - by dealer - vehicle automotive... (craigslist.org)

The Dodge Brothers machine shop was founded in 1900, they built engines for Olds and Ford. In 1914 they started building their own cars. In 1928, Chrysler acquired Fargo Trucks and Dodge Brothers and also established Plymouth and DeSoto brands. Plymouth was Chryslers lowest priced car, Dodge was next, then Desoto and Chrysler was top of the line. In 1935, Dodge introduced the new DU, not only did it have a revised narrower grille but it had a lower roofline, lower floor and parking lamps mounted on the front fenders aprons. It also got hydraulic brakes, Autolite ignition, ventilated clutch, automatic choke, leaf spring front suspension, concealed radiator cap, easy steering, and a crank-open windshield. The 116 in wheelbase DU short wheelbase was available in 2 door Coupe, 2 door Convertible, 2 and 4 door Sedan and 2 and 4 door Touring Sedan. The 128 in DU long wheelbase was available as a 4 door Sedan. The engine in the DU was the 87hp 218 cu in 6 cyl.

Contact:  (315) 218-5177

Copy and paste in your email:   06b61cdc4ba13724babd2c9c87b55c83@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this   For Sale: 1935 Dodge DU 4dr Sedan

'35 Dodge DU Sedan NY a.jpg

'35 Dodge DU Sedan NY b.jpg

'35 Dodge DU Sedan NY c.jpg

'35 Dodge DU Sedan NY d.jpg

'35 Dodge DU Sedan NY e.jpg

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