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info about Vintique Inc radiator emblems


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Can someone shine some light or information about these for me?  I'm asking about reproduction radiator badges or emblems made by Vintique Inc.  I've searched google, but can't find any currently for sale (websites, catalogs) or history of when they were produced (or if they're still being produced)?


Specifically when were they made and how much did they cost?  Are they worth about the same now as then (more or less)?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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A friend has some to sell and I was trying to help find out a general idea of their collectability.  Doesn't seem that it'll be that high if they are all still being made.

Thanks for the picture of the Ford one.  I was able to find those on a couple of different sites ($25-30).  But, beyond that still couldn't find a single site, per se, that had several different ones.

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The emblems are reproductions and will have value only as an inexpensive collectors item for those who are unconcerned with authenticity.  Many reproductions are done incorrectly and have coloring differences in the finish.  Post some photos and let's see what you have.  I think most would be priced about where that Ford emblem is. 


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