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FS 1947 Chrysler Windsor

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Attched is the link.  It's not mine but I've spent a little time with the owner and car a couple years ago.  There's is a bit of a story to why it's being sold that is more personal than about the car.  I offered to post it here for him.


The car is in pretty good shape in my opinion.  It was repainted and as mentioned, a couple chrome parts are missing (I think just the three pieces that go horizontal on the grille and the two vertical center covers).  I can tell you it turned over but the starter wiring needs to be redone (just on the terminals, it was put together incorrectly) and I'm pretty sure it needs a new fuel pump diaphragm.  Most of the pieces you just needs to be put on the car.  


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The Craig's List ad has already expired, just one

day after you posted the link.

We've found it helpful to copy the text of the ad,

a few pertinent photos, and the all-important

contact information into this forum, in order to

make the ad references more useful.


A car may still be for sale well after the link is dead.


All the best to your friend in his sale!

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Whoops, thanks for the heads up.  He reposted it:





Our Dream Car. We drove it for a year or two. We then had minimal rust removed from the body, had a new paint job on it and the engine and transmission gone through. We later had a complete wiring harness installed. When painted the chrome pieces were removed so we took some pieces to be refinished. The chrome company went out of business and our few pieces disappeared. Most of the chrome is still with the car. It has been garaged since we have had it. The price that we are asking is what we have invested in it including chrome parts that we purchased a few years ago.






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