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will olds slip yoke fit my pontiac

john hess

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hello all. I'm here from the pontiac forum seeking information on a driveshaft dilema I am having. 


I had a new driveshaft made locally. series 1310 slip yoke and ujoints to be able to use current off the shelf ujoints. problem is output shaft and yoke splines don't match. I was told a yoke from Olds may work. (49-56)


If anyone has measurements available that would be great. This will save some skinned knuckles at a junkyard if I knew what to look for !!!!


My 53 Pontiac output shaft  measures 1.172"    yoke OD is 1.5"   bearing caps are 1.062"   16 spline


I will attach pictures to help explain.


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These pages are from an Oldsmobile parts book Group # 5.555 and apparently from 1949-1956 Olds used different yokes for different applications. I don't know what the differences are between all the yokes, I'm just showing pics of a typical driveshaft from a 1954 Olds with Hydramatic for some size comparisons. Mine has the internal C-shaped snap rings. The splines are recessed about 2 3/8" down inside the end of the yoke. There are 16 splines as shown. The measurement between the outer tip edges of the teeth are about 1 1/8", that's as close as I can get down inside there. The smooth part of the yoke is 5 9/16" long and it's OD is 1.67". You can see in the first pic that in 1939-1950 some Olds models used a yoke in which the bearings were retained by a retaining plate but I do not have any further info on the yoke sizes. I hope this info helps you and good luck in your search!








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