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1948 Lincoln Continental hardtop/convertible questions


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Screenshot_20211021-185652_Photos.jpg.9f02b235c36977ab71870cad1b40d385.jpgScreenshot_20211021-185234_Photos.jpg.d20c1b2e69fa91256f2b04cbf8011dfd.jpgScreenshot_20211021-185231_Photos.jpg.b035de69c463f356fe7a16203e3ad50e.jpgJust bought a rough and rusty 48 convertible. 1st question who is the best source of parts for these cars and 2nd considering using a coupe as a parts cars, just wondering are the doors and the actual frame of the car the same as convertible?

I have a pretty nice coupe that has sit in the corner and not moved for about 8 years strongly considering sacrifice it to build the convertible. 


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I can only recommend you do considerable investigating how the two bodies are different and how much modification would be required to change the coupe into the cabriolet.  You will be building what already exist in readily available numbers.  Is it really worth your time, skill and financial resources to bring about that result?  Good luck with your decision.

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On 10/21/2021 at 2:36 PM, Nomadman1956 said:

First question who is the best source of parts for these cars

Join the Lincoln Zephyr Owners Club!!!!     https://www.lzoc.org/ 


There are quality knowledgeable vendors who advertise in the magazine. The market for these parts and cars is rather small & concentrated. It does not pay for these folks to advertise many other places. They deal in used and surprisingly, some reproduction parts. Sometimes to hard to understand how they justify the re-production expenses in the limited market, but happy that they do. 


Some supplier names for you to search:

Merv Adkins, Jerry Richman. Todd Calder, Boos-Herrel, Alan Whelihan, JB Donaldson . . .

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