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58 Savoy Horn Connections


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Hi Guys,


A Friend of mine has just purchased and imported into the UK a 58 Plymouth savoy. Unfortunately its not quite in the condition he was expecting so is doing a bit of work on it.

The horn has been modified to a button on the dash and he wants to put it back through the horn rim. All the wires and connections have been removed so he doesn't know where to start. Has anyone got any experience in recommissioning a horn rim that can help. Obviously pics or diagrams would be very beneficial.





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Does your friend have a factory service manual ?

If not, I would recommend obtaining one before continuing any work on the car, especially if objective is to make/keep everything OEM. 

in the meanwhile:

Is the contact plate assembly still under the horn ring (held on to the steering wheel hub with couple small screws) ? 
If yes, is the (black) wire leading from it through inside the steering shaft to the “contact wheel” further down on the (outside of) steering shaft still there ?

If yes, is the “contact wheel” still on the (outside of) steering shaft (may have to remove steering column to see this) ?
If yes, is the contact switch assembly still on (outside of) the steering column, under the dash ?

If yes, is the (black) wire leading from the switch to horn relay (on the left front inner fender panel) still there ?

All the above is necessary to just create (internal) grounding (=earth) for the horn relay to activate it.

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For every car I own, I go here https://classiccarwiring.com/ and purchase the 18x24 Diagram . They come in full factory wire colors and are heavily laminated front and back not to mention they also include diagrams of p.w.'s  convert. tops and power tailgate gadgets on wagons.. Sure beats trying to follow black lines on a small white page filled with black lines in a service manual..




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