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1933 Buick - $10,000 (Lake Elsinore)


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14 minutes ago, Brooklyn Beer said:

I know people always say "That is a lot of red" but boy this amount of blue just seems off


Would the radiator shell and hood louvers have originally been plated? I know nothing about these cars, but the price seems good for a car like that.

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A Google image search shows both painted and plated louvers but all show a plated grill.

Agree with BB that's an awful lot of blue.

Runs & drives, looks like a decent driver project for the $$$.

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For the 1933 model Buicks hood louvers were optional for chrome plating.  Blue was a color for Buick in 1933 and the advertisements offered blue which to me appears similar to the car for sale. However, if this "blue" was the correct shade I am unsure. The asking price is not high at all. An original "flying lady" mascot can go as much as $700. The parts for this vehicle if sold separably would well exceed $10,000.  Appears to be a solid car. If it was a Model 80 with 130 inch wheelbase or a series 90 with 138 inch wheelbase then the car would be a Full Classic. 

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Here is another view when the car was at our Mason/Dixon show. Cropped for the following years flyer.

 I just loved the quality of the work that was done. Mr Ford trailered this car from Pittsburgh area to the Harrisburg area for the show. 

 The wheels are a cream color and would show up better with blackwall tires.


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1 hour ago, mike6024 said:

Is that where the Honda Elsinore got it's name?

Apparently yes.


From https://dirtbikemagazine.com/remember-the-honda-elsinore/: “They were given the Elsinore name because of the race that was immortalized in the 1971 film On Any Sunday.”


From https://www.rideapart.com/news/245811/honda-trademarks-elsinore-what-does-it-mean/: “The name obviously traded on the famous Elsinore Grand Prix, the California desert race that attracted all the fast off-road riders in the 1960s, including Malcolm Smith and Steve McQueen. Using city streets as part of the race course certified Lake Elsinore with the status of legend when it was featured in Bruce Brown’s epic film On Any Sunday in 1971.”

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Yes Mike, I remember when the 250 Elsinore came out in '73.  It was really groundbreaking in it's day and set an industry high water mark.  A bit heavy by today's standards, but in it's heyday it was state of the art.

A nice collector today if you can find one not beat to death.



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