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37 plymouth heater install

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Usually you drill and tap the head (there should be a spot at the rear of the head marked "heater") and the other hose would go to the water pump outlet on top or add a fitting to the inlet hose.



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You shouldn't have to drill or tap anything, your head and water pump should already have plugged holes in it, pipe plugs of some variety usually exactly as in Hwellens pictures, if your water pump for some reason doesn't have the little T shaped top piece, it can be bought from DCM in Michigan and others. install a shut off valve on the one at the back of the block for summer time, also available from DCM, you can also upgrade to a cable controlled valve for the same location if you want a "ranko" type water control from inside your cabin.

Run one hose from the water pump location to one nipple on your heater core and the other hose from the rear of head shut off valve to the other nipple, the model 36 deluxe heater was a common dealer add on, it functions well and would be correct for your application, used ones can be found around the interweb.



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