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My Buick collection 1929 and 1938


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Yeah, definitely had to upgrade it, we had the plates for a while just never had a chance to put them onto the 1938. The bracket on the car holes weren’t lined up for old plates so we had to make another new hole to make it work, that was the first thing we did before the show season this year. 

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Very nice !! Yes we do, it’s crazy the difference from driving the 29 to the 38 and even driving the 41. It’s amazing to see the difference a few years had made in engineering 

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After a successful show year


1929 Buick won Best of show at the Long Island Buick show 

1st place in its category at AACA old Westbury gardens 


1938 Buick won 1st place at the local Buick show

Although it didn’t place at Westbury gardens since the judges said it wasn’t fair to have 2 cars place in the same class.


Next year really wanting to take the 29 to call national at Hershey..








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Since the Buick nationals are right around the corner . Just trying to get the 29 ready for some competition. I want to replace some

of the rods for the distributor and heat riser and carburetor, does anyone recreate them . 

Also need the tube for the heat riser 

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