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Dadspackard 1969 GTO

Tom M

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Thought I would start a thread on a 1969 GTO I purchased back in November of 2019.


To date I have replaced upper and lower ball joints, Control arm bushing, Coil springs front and back, had the original Harrison radiator recored.


Typical tune up parts, plugs, plug wires, distributor rotor, point and condenser and cap.


Hood hinges and springs.


Had the Quadrajet Carburetor rebuilt.


New BF TA tires installed.


Replaced some of the dash lights with Leds.


Upgraded the Exhaust system 



Pic of GTO at my nephews 



Saturday I took drive out to Byron Dragway to watch stepnephew run in test in tune.


No I did not drag the GTO





This 62 Lemans/ Tempest  is a guy I work with he ran a 8.03



It was a great to get out and watch the cars run.

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When I took that drive out to Byron I heard some humming and had a vibration coming from the rear of the car. It got louder on my way back home.

To make my life easier working on my cars I purchased a quickjack from Costco and assembled it last weekend and have already put it to good use.





Pulled the rear Passenger side axle and found this,




Wonder if this was causing the humming and vibration. The gear oil is pretty dark. Will pull the diff cover and give it a good cleaning.
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