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Mystery sedan on disc wheels in New Zealand


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The photo was taken at Arthur's Pass railway station where a train is being prepared for the trip through the 5 mile long Otira tunnel - opened in 1923. Drivers had the option of putting their cars on the rail wagons to avoid the difficult climb over the nearby pass, which was often closed due to snow. The date is not later than 1940 when the locos were altered.


NZR EO class (1923) - Wikipedia


I am fairly sure the car is American. Suicide front doors makes me think Hudson. Whether that is a Biddle and Smart Hudson, or a totally different make with a coachbuilt body I don't know. The style of disc wheels looks American to me. They are similar, but different to those used on the 1927 Studebaker Dictator - they didn't have the bolts around the hub.



full steam Mike Hobbs photo Arthur's Pass.jpg

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