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That's very interesting. This is the second "exactly the same as teens Cadillac" light , but no Gray and Davis engraving light to turn up recently. Back in the summer I posted one that is a splitting replica of a 1912 Cadillac cowl light. sagefinds , you commented on that one as well.

 It makes me wonder where they came from ? Did Gray and Davis sell replacement units that lacked the engraving ? In both cases they also have the correct Cadillac specific mounting arms, so they were not being sold as universal replacement units. 

Sort of weird.

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Here's some pics of an original 13 Cad cowl light. You can see yours is very close but missing the script. Since the 12 light was mentioned,I'm also adding some pics of the real thing. It has a side window where I don't believe 12Stavers light did,but still pretty close. The 14 headlight was totally different but had the script,that was the last year,15 headlight was virtually the same as 14 but no more script. I believe that same basic script was used 1909 through 14. Where it's foggy for me is telling a 12 headlight from a 13. 12 Cadillac was the first car to have an electric starter so of course,electric lights.







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