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What is this for? 32 series 60 engine


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I am trying to figure out why the 60 series 272 engine has this flat casting pad just above the starter motor, and why there are two small horizontal blind holes below the water pump location.


Anyone have a guess?


50 series has fuel pump on pass side, so maybe buick was reusing casting form specs?




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My hunch is that buick engineers were planning for a future something related to the oil system (filter maybe?) and they made sandcasts with some contingency ideas.

I really have no idea, but it seems like something I would do for futureproofing, especially considering how much effort goes into the sandcasting process, and buick mgmt maybe wouldnt allow engineers to modify the design in the next revision, so the engineers added as much as possible with the 31-32 engines.


But then more changes happened anyway in 1933....maybe a good reminder we dont know what the future holds, ha.

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The 50 series engines have the same items plus several more square bosses on the castings.  I think these items are locating points for machining operations.  When working with castings the first step is to machine some reference points so subsequent steps  can all be done from these initial references.


Bob Engle

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I believe the small holes in the second picture, are cam bearing lock or keys. They keep the Babbitt from turning in the block. Of course I believe a lot of things, so that doesn't make it true! Been four or five years since I did my motor. 




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That makes sense, as I looked closer, they are all along the entire pass side of the block and line up with the cam bearings.

Who would've thought!


I also found out what the flat casting is for just above the starter...looking up under the block it is an alternate location for a fuel pump (maybe same or similar as the 50 series).

Inside the block there is a concentric recess hole about 1" diameter directly in line with the cam lobe for the fuel pump (60 series has the pushrod on the driver side) and a recessed thinner wall casting around the hole to accept pump mounting screws.


Makes me wonder if engineers were considering either side of the block for fuel pump location.

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