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SOLD_Weidenhoff Distributor Machine Index Wheel


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I picked up this Weidenhoff Distributor Timing Wheel a few years ago and was going to use it but decided on a different direction.  This part has a February 25, 1930 patent date on it.  This item is part of a larger analyzer kit that I do NOT have.  This piece is a work of 20th century art.  It comes in a metal box, has several adapters and someone before me rewired it, so it appears ready to use (I have not used it, so cannot say for sure if it works 100%).  I looked up the patent and printed it off and that goes with this Timing Wheel.  I have several pictures attached for your review.  I am asking $100 plus shipping.  Let me know if you have questions.  Regarding shipping, a Priority Mail Large Flat Rate box is currently $22.65.  Thanks.

1 Box.JPG

2 Box Open.JPG

3 Timer removed.JPG

4 Timer Closeup.JPG

5 Underside of Timer.JPG

5A Underside of Timer.JPG

6 Adapters.JPG

7 Adapters.JPG

8 Patent Data.JPG

9 Patent.JPG

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Fun item, and a great display piece. Problem is 99.9 percent of collectors don’t know what it is, how to use it, and how to explain it. Looks much better made than most I have seen. 

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