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'65 cig lighter Q


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Greetings Gents,  received my Tayman rebuilt radio today. My original radio looked like it had been pulled from a junk heap. It was rusty & dusty. It came back looking like NOS, inside & out! Don't know how he does it. If it performs half as good as it looks I will be happy. I am now planning installation & hoping to place the UBS port where the cigarette lighter now resides. Only problem is after removing the top console panel & removing the door & ashtray I can't see how the lighter is removed. Don't want to use undue force because it, the actual lighter, & the ashtray are all in pristine condition. I do see a small notch in the rim of the lighter receptacle which could be intended for prying , but I think I'll wait for some clues from the experts.   as always, thanks.          Drew        

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13 hours ago, RIVNIK said:

If it performs half as good as it looks I will be happy.

Drew, report back on how it performs after you complete the install. Heard nothing but good things on Aurora Design conversions.

Also, do something with that loose cigarette lighter feed. It is live unfused 12V capable of decent amps from that 14 AWG red wire. Don't want a fire!

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