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Not Mine - Brass-Era Buick on eBay

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Someone put in a whole lot of effort to come up with "not much".


There is 1913 era Buick runabout/ roadster body of wood construction offered  on Facebook market place in Brookfield Connecticut.. Somelike like $295 or $395 bucks..pretty intact,it's red! would need restoration.   Better match then this hulking Mack truck steam engine body.


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I don't know just how much is brass era Buick, but I think a fair amount of it is. Engine, transmission, rear end, and maybe the frame? Likely the steering? I don't think the front axle is brass Buick, and I know the front wheels are not. Rear wheels may be?

Body I think was meant for something else, and the radiator shell matches nothing.

Front axle for that year is likely a common Mott, and likely not difficult to get one. Ten or twenty years ago, I might have jumped for that one! Now, not a chance. I already have four or five project piles I really should do. And likely cannot live long enough to do half of them.

The body is very unusual, but not badly built. I don't know if anyone could find an appropriate chassis for it or not? But it could make a neat custom roadster! I doesn't look like it would work well on a model T chassis. However there were several companies that built similar bodies for model Ts, and also built versions for Chevrolet, Dodge, and Overland. There are some good possibilities there for two very different cars. I would NOT try to make that body work on that chassis. My opinion is that would be a waste of both of them.

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