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The Oakland Car Company

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I do not own an Oakland but want to share my family history with the company. I'm sure many, if not all here know that the Oakland was named after the county in Michigan where it was built. There is an Oakland car sitting in the main lobby of the Oakland County Courthouse in Michigan, at least there was some years ago. Now, my family connection to the Oakland is that my Grandfather got a job with the company as a laborer shortly after the depression, he worked on the assembly line and his job was to mount the front fender, headlight to the grill and cowl. It was a good job for the times and the area. He stayed with the company when General Motors bought them and retired from Pontiac Motors in the early 60's. I never met my Grandfather but always feel a connection with him when I see an Oakland as there's a good chance he helped build that car. 

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I think the Oakland was intended to be called the Pontiac but in 1907 there was already a Pontiac car - it didn't last long - so the name Oakland was chosen.


By 1925 when the new GM car was being designed and Oakland was given it to build, the name Pontiac was the obvious one to use.

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