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Metal stem inner tubes


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Have you tried these specialty stores?

Millertire.com,  Macsautoparts.com,  tirerack.com,  borrani.com,  blockley.com


They all list 5.50x18 tires, only Borrani (an Italian wheel company) shows the inner tubes on line. They have a U S rep, aemgarage.com. that might be able to get the tubes for you. I would suggest calling these stores even though they may not advertise tubes. If they don't have stock, they might be able th suggest someone who does have them if you ask.     Good luck....

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Noting has been available for well over a year. I spoke to Coker at Hershey..........they are sitting overseas and they have no clue when they will arrive here. The last “good” arrival date was June of this years........they said maybe after the first of the year.............I wouldn’t hold my breath. 

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Lots of Model T folks have resorted to installing old metal stems in new tubes.  It's not that difficult.  I picked up a whole mess of metal stems at Hershey this year, although I have the right stuff in my 14 and a set of spares I always carry.


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