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Water Pump differences on my 42 LC

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Hi all, installing my water pumps & notice one has 6 impellers (casting #8500E) & one has 8 impellers (#8500D). I assume the 6 is a newer unit, is it better? Should I be looking for one of these? 

Would it be a problem to mix, possible slight diff in temperature on one bank versus the other? 

Appreciate any help as I am assembling things to install engine in car. Thank you!

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Well after looking in the Boos-Herrel cat I see they sell one pump for the 36-39 yrs & one for the 40-48. The later one has the 6 impellers I would assume. This unit has larger openings between the impellers which I would guess would move more water,??? Maybe someone can chime in if they know!

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The main difference between the 38-39 and the later water pumps appears to be the shaft length. The earlier ones used a shaft 4 27/64" long and the later pump used a shaft 5" long. The parts catalog does not give the impeller count.


I would think that the higher number of impellers would move more water and reduce aeration.

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