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messco motometer

Dave Bix

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The cap is a nice 1920s era flip-top. They were mostly after-market and available in a wide variety of sizes and common threads. Need a good size reference to know what it likely fits. Just a guess, but it looks like it might fit a common model T Ford. A good thing, because a lot of people may want it. The plating may be good enough to use as is, provided it doesn't get polished too much.

If the flip-top cap happens to fit my Paige automobile, I might be interested in it. My Paige has a neck slightly over two inches (probably 2 1/8 inches?).

The Messko meter was fairly common for many years after Boyce got out of the Moto-Meter business. I don't know when they began making them, but most of them are post WW2. They were often used on sports cars of the 1950s and even into the 1960s.

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Messko meters were originally made from 1922-35 by the Hauser company in Frankfurt, then again after WW2. That fliptop dogbone is very nice and desirable because it is brass instead of pot metal. The male threads do indicate it may fit a Model T but there were other cars that used the same design radiator neck.

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A good clue is the fact it's chrome plated.  That makes it a 1928 or newer item.  I believe these Messko temp gauges were offered even recently by Model A and T parts dealers and were a less expensive alternative to the popular Boyce Motometer.  It's obviously attached to an older radiator cap. 


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