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Always some entertaining stories.  Here is one poking fun at myself.


Wed PM, we arrive and are looking at a booth with several signs.  In front are two Royal Crown signs, loose, I am looking at them and comment they should have a backer or frame.  I look for price and touched them carefully of course, but...guy comes up and says they need to be framed. I say uh huh, he then says so that's what I am going to do with them. He is a little agitated, then he wheels them off and I reallize...  they were not front and center in the booth for display, but on someone's cart, I never noticed that... 


By the time I put it all together he is gone into the crowd. 


So mr. Fellow Royal Crown sign owner, apologies for pawing at your personal property, but it was an honest mistake! 😯😁

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