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For Sale: 1955 Chrysler Imperial Hardtop - "Lot drives - Project" - Pittsburgh, PA - Not Mine

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For sale on Facebook: 1955 Chrysler Imperial 2-door Hardtop in Pittsburgh, PA  -  $11,500  -  Must be a member of Facebook to access Seller's contact information.


 Link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1001407400429360/1955-Chrysler-Imperial


Seller's Description:

1955 Chrysler Imperial 2-door Hardtop

  • Driven 93,282 miles
  • Automatic transmission
  • Exterior color: White · Interior color: White

1955 Chrysler Imperial 2 door hard top runs lot drives motor completely redone Hemmy motor Power windows power seats Serious inquiry Please do not ask if it's still available you will not be responded to if it's still up it's still available





















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  • 6T-FinSeeker changed the title to For Sale: 1955 Chrysler Imperial Hardtop - "Lot drives - Project" - Pittsburgh, PA - Not Mine

I looked at one of these 18 years ago in this same color. White with gold roof and that is the original interior.  A potential buyer here is getting a grab bag.  I would have preferred to buy it at $4,000 and do the engine myself for peace of mind.  Now, at $11,500 you hope that motor was done right.  

To restore this as we know, is a $75,000 proposition.  I believe SMS has the fabric for the interior and the patterns are there.  Leather alone is $6,000 or so. Chrome $12,000.  I really think the restoration hobby is out of reach of many. 

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Neat car but the rust has won out and with restoration costs today it's too far gone to restore. This example will look really horrible underneath when the car's up on a lift. 1955 Imperials have much more exterior pot metal trim (even on the horizontal door & rear quarters) than most cars had you can assume all of it will need to be redone. It looks like the rocker panel & rear wheelwell mouldings are missing and they might be tough to find as only 3718 of these coupes were produced. A friend of mine was looking for one of these Imperial Newports back in the 70s & 80s, he looked at several here in the salt belt but all of them had parts missing and were too rusty for serious consideration even back then. This is a another rusty parts car with a good engine but it has little else going for it. Yes I know ANYTHING can be fixed if you have enough time to waste & money to spend but this one's just too far gone. The rebuilt "Hemmy" engine is worth something but IMO the price of this car should be down maybe in the $3500 range if the seller expects to get any serious inquiries. 

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I dont know, A properly built 331 "Hemmy" (lol) is well worth 6 or 7. And I have seen 5 figure asking for rebuilts.

And we all know these cars are heavy, soooo.....


The upgraded master cylinder is worth a few bucks too.

I am glad its to far away from me to get serious.

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