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Picking Up Large Parts


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I typically dont go to Hershey to buy anything. I know, you vendors hate me. BUT, there is usually very little there for the cars that I own. I enjoy the experience and looking at everything. When I go to Carlisle I will take my cart and even pre order some stuff so I am a bit prepared. Not so yesterday. I found a windshield for a 'need to buy one now' price for my current project. Also found a pair of trans am fenders at a 'youre stupid not to grab these before the next guy knows what theyre worth'.  My problem was that I did not have the means, stamina, ability to lug these large items the 5 miles back to my parking spot. IS there a pickup area for large items?  I know they have an area at Carlisle. 

Also, would I have been out of line asking someone with a golf car to cart the stuff off for me for a 50 bucks or so? The deals were that good, and I started to look for someone with an empty shuttle. Just chickened out.

Curious what you guys do when you find something large. I know I have seen people carrying large fenders, grilles etc, but I just can do that.

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I always take one of those garden wagons with me.  That way if I buy something large or heavy I can just take it with me.  Also I can put a small cooler in the wagon and have a drink or sandwich when I get thirsty or hungry.


If you get one of them, just make sure that you pump up the tires BEFORE YOU GO.  I did not do that one time and pulled the wagon around with soft tires. Not fun.  I will NEVER make that mistake again. I pump the tires up before I leave every time. 


The wagon has been to Hershey so many times that the front tires are getting bald.


Wagon like this.



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Or put your wife/significant other to work!!


No I am not really that big of a jerk. Model A fenders are relatively light and pic was staged.


That said, the really heavy stuff you have to buy is invariably st the far end of any given field!! 🙄😁


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I just placed the order over the phone for the windshield. Hershey show price, picked up from the vendor $129.  Special price they have running now including shipping across the country $299.  I will take my cart next time!!  For $170 I would have gladly paid someone with a golf car running around $50-75 to move it for me!! Oh well, lesson learned.

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