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1932 Buick Model 57S - $19,500 (Studio City)


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This car is begging for a set of black walls and it's original headlamps.









I have a 1932 Buick model 57S for sale. All 6 rims were restored with new white wall tires installed. New 6V battery was installed , inline 8 cylinder engine ran smooth and the transmission shifts also very smoothly. Soon after I bought the Buick I bought an other project which I really wanted for a long time. Since I was focusing more on that car, I decided to let this go to someone who would appreciate it more then I do. I was told that the car still has the original paint and was sitting in a garage for close to 40 years. It's been a real barn find! Interior needs to be reupholstered, I love the exterior as is with it's almost 90 years patina. I'm looking to get $19500 for the car as is , no low ballers please! You can reach me at my cell at 3two3-3four8-7seven79. Thanks! Tom


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I would say based on asking prices of similar cars alone, that 9,000 would be the typical asking price for an unloved car with faded paint and uninstalled parts. Someone may actually pay about 6,000 and drive home wondering about the engine that has sat not turned over or lubricated for years and how much it will cost to make it a reliable driver.

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From the outside looks to be pretty decent. Assuming the drive train is serviceable I can imagine an interior will set one back quite a few dollars. IF I were in the game I dont think I would pay more than $8k.  Then again I dont know these cars and if its one of those thats worth $75k restored than the asking price is fair, but somehow I doubt it.

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I think the car is over priced with very little shown. Exterior patina is not a reason for a high price and I can't tell if the paint is original ( no close picture to enlarge) without seeing at least the trim tag on the cowl. He does not mention and shows no pictures of the complete interior, engine bay or if it was started after sitting for so long. There are no close up pictures, just partial 20 footers.  I see a lot of interior work needed, missing front seat, rear( not pictured) and unknown rust and wood repair (possible water leaks from top occured in the interior, just from looking at door picture). Upholstery and engine work are not cheap. The electrical system would need attention and or replacement after 40 years of sitting. Depending on the barn, there could be undercarriage rust. Mechanical items( steering, suspension, brakes) could be another issue. Finally, orginal headlight lens are needed at first glance and who could forget the expensive re-chrome work for this antique car.

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