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1953 Oldsmobile Transparencies Mint in box will be bringing to Hershey


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This is a complete mint set of 1953 Oldsmobile Dealer Showroom Color Transparencies 6 that are the complete set
which are mint plus a bonus of another a little larger transparency and not mint. All are 15inches X 20inches approx. This is the most complete mint set I have ever seen. Has the original box and inner portfolio which is rare.
The dealership is Brook Chevrolet Co., 24 West Main Street, Bound Brook, New Jersey. This for the car literature collector. I photographed all of them in the dealer light box that hung in these dealerships. The light box is not for sale. Really is a nice original mint piece. Thanks Gary $500.00 203-870-5248


 I will be at Hershey from Wednesday to Saturday morning just call my cell 203-870-5248

DSC05573 (Copy).JPG

DSC05574 (Copy).JPG

DSC05575 (Copy).JPG

DSC05577 (Copy).JPG

DSC05578 (Copy).JPG

DSC05579 (Copy).JPG

DSC05580 (Copy).JPG

DSC05581 (Copy).JPG

DSC05583 (Copy).JPG

DSC05584 (Copy).JPG

DSC05585 (Copy).JPG

DSC05586 (Copy).JPG

DSC05587 (Copy).JPG

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