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Loaded for Hershey - Model T Parts, Dodge Lancer Fenders, 1955 Olds Rear Bumper, Marmon, Buick OBF 5-7


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I'm bringing a lot of parts this year - I need to clear out some space - lots of Model T parts -radiators, drag links, gas tanks, some sheet metal, lamp parts and a lot of stuff I can't identify.  Also have NOS 1941 Buick Door, Marmon Radiators and fender, 1940s/50s Olds NOS stainless and chrome trim, 1973 Plymouth Duster Blue Rear seat and a lot more. Most is priced to sell (and I have some favorites :)  Stop by when you have a chance.  OBF 5-7 Orange Field.  I'll be setting up Tuesday morning and leaving Sat at noon.   See you there, Shawn





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