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For Sale:1964 Rambler Ambassador 990 4dr sedan, A/C - $6,300 - Tulsa OK  - Not Mine

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For Sale:1964 Rambler Ambassador 990 4dr sedan, A/C - $6,300 - Tulsa OK

1964 Rambler Ambassador 990 - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)

This fine classic car is up for sale. More pics soon. Runs great. Same family forever.   327 V8, Automatic transmission, factory air conditioning,  odometer: 82000
Contact:   call or text:  (918) 8-four-5-7-nine-8-two

Copy and paste in your email:   a9efc98b8375379d9a6c147e4bfa07ce@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1964 Rambler Ambassador 990 4dr sedan.

'64 Rambler Ambassador 990 OK a.jpg

'64 Rambler Ambassador 990 OK b.jpg

'64 Rambler Ambassador 990 OK c.jpg

'64 Rambler Ambassador 990 OK d.jpg

'64 Rambler Ambassador 990 OK e.jpg

'64 Rambler Ambassador 990 OK f.jpg

'64 Rambler Ambassador 990 OK g.jpg

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The Ambassador 990 was AMC's top-line model, included their nicest interiors, most all the appointments standard that were optional on lower series, had their largest engine, the 327 ci V8.   This car has factory air conditioning, a $400 option.  If the interior turns out to be as good as what we can see in the exterior photos, its largely dry-climate rust-free and mechanically good, it would make a wonderful daily driver.   It would look better with a good buffing and wax job.

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