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Items I am bringing to sell at Hershey


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I have all the following Items to sell. I do not have a table but will be at the show Wednesday thru Saturday morning.

I have 1956 Packard Dash in good shape $350 plus I have the metal top for a air conditioned car has holes for vent openings. Also have 1956 rear bumper decent with both ends $300.00.  Plus Corgi model cars ,Buick Banthrico bank, Tin Cadillac frictions, Corgi catalogs,Dinky catalog, matchbox catalog. Call my cell 203-870-5248 Gary I am a AACA Member ..........Thanks And enjoy Hershey 2021

DSC06058 (Copy).JPG

DSC06059 (Copy).JPG

DSC06060 (Copy).JPG

DSC06061 (Copy).JPG

DSC06062 (Copy).JPG

DSC06063 (Copy).JPG

DSC06064 (Copy).JPG

DSC06065 (Copy).JPG

DSC06066 (Copy).JPG

DSC06067 (Copy).JPG

DSC06068 (Copy).JPG

DSC06069 (Copy).JPG

DSC06070 (Copy).JPG

DSC06071 (Copy).JPG

DSC06072 (Copy).JPG

DSC06073 (Copy).JPG

DSC06074 (Copy).JPG

DSC06075 (Copy).JPG

DSC06076 (Copy).JPG

DSC06077 (Copy).JPG

DSC06078 (Copy).JPG

DSC06079 (Copy).JPG

DSC06080 (Copy).JPG

DSC06081 (Copy).JPG

DSC06082 (Copy).JPG

DSC06083 (Copy).JPG

DSC06084 (Copy).JPG

DSC06085 (Copy).JPG

DSC06086 (Copy).JPG

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