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Truck races and American car show in France


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Hello, two weeks ago I went to the truck races at the Albi circuit in the south of France.
There was also an American car show, as well as a parade on the circuit with our cars.
I went there with my 1978 Dodge Monaco, and my neighbor came with his very nice Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat widebody :)
Here are some pictures, and to start, getting the car ready to go :)




 arrived at the circuit parking lot




Beautiful Cadillac :wub: (5 years of restoration)






















BOSS Hog and general lee ! :) 







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6 hours ago, Andy_V12 said:

Great pics!  Quite the mixed collection of American Iron there! I had no idea that so many various cars and trucks were in France.


Thank you very much Andy_V12 :) , Yes there are several truck models in France :) (European and American) :)


4 hours ago, rocketraider said:

French idea of truck racing is a lot different than here in the States! I was expecting NASCAR trucks! I like those big rigs.


Sebastien. Tell us the truth. Do y'all have rednecks in France?!


Thank you rocketraider ! :) ,  yes here in France (and in Europe) there are races of truck, car, prototype, formula 3, ...
And sometimes (it's rare)  it comes from America, we have Nascar car races ( Euro_Racecar Nascar )  on the track ! :)
Yes I assure you there are rednecks in France, as in all countries :lol:


Here is a video at the Nogaro circuit in the south of France, I go there several times every year :) 




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