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Re-torquing 1947 Super 248ci straight 8 cylinder head bolts


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         I have re-installed the cylinder head to the engine after a valve job, torqued the head bolts cold to the prescribed 65-70'#s, adjusted valves, etc. and driven the car. The manual says, for good reason, to re-torque the head bolts after achieving operating temperature.

         Buick Shop Manual shows a KMO187-1  3/4" wrench attachment tool that is used to re-torque the cylinder head bolts. The right side head bolts are installed beneath the rocker arm shaft assembly and cannot be accessed without the noted tool or equivalent. Left side is fully accessible.

          Without such a tool, I believe that I'll have to warm up the engine to operating temperature, then quickly remove the rocker arm shaft assembly to re-torque the head bolts. Then recheck/set the valve lash again cold, and again after warming. This seems doable if necessary, but not desirable.

           I have not yet been able to locate anyone with such a tool. Anyone know where I can find one to use/rent/buy? Anyone have a better way to accomplish this task?


Wally Luther

Palm Desert, CA


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Thank you Bernie,

     I clicked on your link to Don Smith who has the rental tools including a KMO187-10 "Wide Sweep". I have left a message for Don to call me. I'll be asking him if his -10 "Chevrolet 6  wide-sweep tool will also work for my Buick straight 8. 

      I appreciate your response, and also Chris' poetry.



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4 hours ago, 60FlatTop said:

You can rent one: https://www.vintageautotools.com/vintage-auto-tools-for-rent-KMO187-10.html


It looks like a simple tool to make from a cheap box end wrench.

I did this by bending a cheap box wrench with a MAPP gas torch.  I'd have to go out and look, but I might have even welded a socket on the top with which to engage the torque wrench.  Even so, it's a little flexible, but once the wrench takes a set, it should be accurate.  Loosen one bolt at a time and retorque it - don't just try to crank on it or you won't get an accurate reading.  

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