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Selling our 1990 Convertible

Bob and Sarah

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Our 1990 sits in the garage since the baby was born, it has 7535 miles (that is not a typo) on it and is near concourse condition with only the BUICK letters tarnished. We start it and run it and drive it around the block, but would rather see it in the hands of someone who would enjoy it as much as we did. It has new tires, and a new power window motor on the driver side, otherwise it's completely original.

Note: We added bluetooth to the radio for hands free phone when driving which is easily removed.

We've advertised in the next newsletter, but if you're interested or know someone, let me know who might be.




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OK here I go again.  My problem with low mileage Reattae.  Bob and Sarah I wish you well.  Looks like California plates and a southern California view?🌴 

This is the kind of car my friends at Hagerty would consider show/concourse condition.  This car has to go for upwards of $20,000.🌈

If you owned this car would you truly drive it more than around the block?  I doubt it.

3 hours ago, Bob and Sarah said:

We start it and run it and drive it around the block...

This is a Jay Leno type of car.  A true collector's car,  but not a driving car.  I don't care if it has always been stored in a climate-controlled space, those parts, and maybe some fluids, are 31 years old.  And for a Reatta I think that's cruel.

My opinion only.  My criteria:  I'm 76 years old, fit and healthy. 🏃‍♂️ I come from a family of long-lived individuals.  I figure I have maybe 10 years of driving left.  I want to spend those years driving, 🚘not looking.  

And let's face it (the gorilla in the room) with car makers promising to produce all electric vehicles 🔌in my lifetime to combat climate change how long do our emission-spewing cars have left on the road?:wub:




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Actually the car did come out of a climate controlled collection in or around Minneapolis about four years ago.

We purchased it with 3500 miles, or so, on it. All the fluids were changed, as were the tires and the battery.

Before our son was born, we enjoyed driving our Reatta, especially on cooler days and evenings, with the top down.

We keep it in a normal garage on a trickle charger, and drive it around the block to keep the fluids moving.

Jay Leno, might like it...

...but it's more likely it will be someone who will enjoy fixing the little things so they can drive it to shows and meets.

Reggie likes to go out.

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Haha, yeh, we only drove it about 800 miles a year, it would have taken quite a while to get to 180K.

My wife was fortunate to work only a few miles from the house so it was used mostly by her.

As Stanley noted, yes we're in SoCal, (Los Angeles) and the picture was taken at an overlook, on the Pacific Coast Highway.

We have it listed at $22K, because it seemed to be in line, when compared to others for sale.

If you're interested, text me at 212 706 7683 (yes, I kept my NY number when we moved out here.)



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More power to you for buying a good car and doing right by it. 😄 

15 hours ago, Bob and Sarah said:

they can drive it to shows and meets.

As I said, I'd rather drive it than look at it (actually I look at my cars quite often).

But hey, good luck on the sale.  I hope Reggie's new owners are as good to him as you have been.

Manhattan 🏙️to LA😎; quite the move.

And the baby's name?👶

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