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How to pre-lube a V12 before start up?


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I've had a completely overhauled engine sitting for over 2 years on the shop floor (covered). The builder said to pre-lube it, which I feel I have to because it has Sat so long. 

 I thought about removing the pressure line to the filter and back flowing down to the oil pump, I'm not sure if this will work. I know there's a relief valve down there but figured the oil would flow thru the engine before the relief.

 I only have a new Jabsco oil change pump, (a rubber impeller style) which I thought I may be able to make it work somehow?? 

 What would the best pump be? I appreciate any help (I don't want to over pressure it, I know this impeller pump will stall out). 

 One note the oil pan is installed so there is not any access points only the feed line to the filter and the return line back to the oil pan???

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Lots of engine blocks have oil gallery plugs on the side or on the end where you can tap into them. I have a fancy store-bought one now also. Are used to use an old Freon can set up with an air nozzle. It worked great. It’s definitely a good idea to use. Also crank the engine over slowly while you’re doing it. I would push at least three or 4 quarts through it. If there’s no oil in the engine you can install all the oil to the pressure pot while turning it by hand. Everything should be fine work out well. Ed.

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