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XKE change of color back to original

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Hello guys thanks for your thoughts and responding,


My 64 Etype was hit in the left rear wing, the color is signal red, the original color was opalescent maroon, the entire car will need a respray as my paint is lacquer and not compatible with this new water based paint I'm told. So does the value of original paint color equal the expense of changing it ? What would you do? I'm torn on this one.. not many maroon cars out there.

Cheers, Steve  

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How much do you want to spend? If money is not an issue, I would vote for returning to the original maroon. I have seen several MG T series cars done with that color and they are spectacular. 

PS There are no e siting paint codes for T series pre TF, so the Jag colors work.

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Jags never looked good in red to me.   But it depends on your pocketbook.   If you can just fix the damage for a not insane amount of money then I would stick with that.   On the other hand,  you may get back a decent return (probably not all of the money spent) when you sell the car.  Series I cars are hot, and one in the correct color will sell for more than one in non-resale Red.

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