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New owner works wonders on '29 McLaughlin-Buick


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It's been over a year since I parted company with my '29 McLaughlin-Buick. I paid a visit recently to it's new owner and was pleasantly surprised with the improvements he has made. It had always run rich ,and no amount  of adjusting on my part seemed to help. Although the carburetor looked correct, turns out it was off a 1930ish Nash Eight. The car was fitted with an electric fuel pump. The new owner opted to install a rebuilt original mechanical fuel pump and just use the electric pump for priming. It now runs considerably smoother and doesn't leave a black sooty stain on the back wall of the garage.

He also replaced the 1970s tires with a new set of Firestone 650/20 whitewalls. The wheels were refinished too. The car had undergone a 10 year basket case to show car restoration from 1975-1985 and was in need of some refreshing. It obviously found the right man for the job.

1929 McLaughlin-Buick with improvements.JPG

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