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2022 Glidden Tour (NJ) 25-30 September 2022

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The New Jersey Region AACA invites you to join us for the 76th Revival AAA Glidden Tour which will be held in the Princeton, NJ area the week of September 25, 2022.  As they become available, more details will be posted on our website:  www.njregionaaca.com.

This tour is limited to automobiles that were produced up to 1942.

We're planning to travel "New Jersey's Revolutionary Road" and visit numerous sites in NJ and the Delaware Valley that were important to the War for Independence.

Thanks for your interest!

Vince DeLisi, Tour Chair


Glidden Tour Logo Final.jpg

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I plan on being there too, with our 1934 Ford Fordor V8.   I grew up in Princeton 1950 to 1960   Graduated from the Valley Road School, class of 1959.

It will be nice to see all the historical sites as an adult, and maybe a few childhood friends.   I remember it as a Father Knows Best & Leave to Beaver type town.   I'm sure time has changed the town and my perspective, but it will be fun.   It will be Glidden Tour # 13 for us.


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I plan on attending, with something interesting..........not sure just which era yet.

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We expect to be there, but haven't yet decided which of our Glidden-Era cars to register.

We've been driving Glidden Tours since 1990, missed just a few because of work or hurricanes, and are looking forward to this one.

Originally from New Jersey, one of my high school classmates is a former mayor of Princeton. 

Here’s the Badge Bar Medallion for this year’s 2021 Glidden Tour in Saratoga Springs, New York - a fantastic event planned by Bill Preston and his committees


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