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Triangle shape amp meter - 20's/30's ID


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I'm not sure , this looks like the bezel mounts over the screw holes , and the round cover protrudes through the bezel.

the ones you show the bezel mounts flush to the case and outlines the triangle.

I'm sure it's possible to be one of those , just not sure of the mount. 

Thanks for the effort.

It would help if it had some mark on it somewhere.

Might be commercial?

There are a couple on ebay , unidentified, so must be something with a higher production?

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2 hours ago, Leif Holmberg said:

And how about Stephens 1920s.


Looks like you got it. I suspect it fits other obscure makes also, seeing as there are two on ebay and mine.

Three Stevens ammeters in one week?

That's how I thought it would mount.

Good detective work!

As usual I was looking in all the wrong places.

Maybe a Stevens owner needs one.

Thanks for your efforts guys.

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