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Oldsmobile brass tag


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I was doing a lot of research and finally got in touch with a member here who goes by “Chistech” on this tag:


Here’s his answer, which I was surprised to find out this style tag was used that late:


In 1923 Olds introduced the 30A model car in different body styles. In 24’ they introduced the 30B model. All 30Bs came in different body types, one being the deluxe sedan. They continued with the 30 series in 25’+26’ but those were C&D models. 44542 was total production in 24’ so again, your tag of 44300 fits and puts it near end of production. 2959 fits in with the total sedan production of 3225 units, again putting your tag at the end of production. The B in the 44300 means the B series. 
    So your tag is from a 24’ B series deluxe sedan. It would have been a four door, disk wheeled, rear spare car. It also would have had a factory spot light, step plates, enameled trunk, and the one of only two B models with a nickel radiator shell. It was also the most costly of the model year at $1,250!

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The top pic being enquired about needs to be a higher resolution for clarity.


I am guessing it is from a 1923 Model 30 Sport Touring but the info doesn't tie in with what is in The Standard Catalog.


My copy of The Serial Number Book for US Cars 1900-1975 is lacking in the area of those early sixes.


This one has individual body production figures for the 30 series Olds cars - Classic Car Database, Specifications, Dealers, Parts and Services for Antique, Classic, Vintage and Muscle Cars


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