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AMPCO ignition parts identification


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We inherited a number of ampco ignition parts and brushes. Is there a cross reference for these parts somewhere? We are trying to see what we have.I understand the prefix “AL” references autolite and the “F” references Ford. Does anyone know what the “EX” and “BX” refers to?? Thank You







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You might find an older Ampco catalog somewhere like on Ebay or at a swap meet. Failing that some more common parts suppliers like Standard Ignition offered Comparative Part Number Charts that crossed competitor's numbers like Ampco over to Standard Ignition Catalog numbers and you could look them up that way but you'd need a Standard Catalog as well and it's a little more work.

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Can't help with the ampco but the 2 wheel cylinder  kits I can.  185 fits Mercury and Edsel 58 and 59, Also Olds 54-58


106 Fits a lot of things.  63 Dart and Valiant, Frazer, Kaiser Henry J,  61-62 IHC scout  some Ramblers and Willys. 

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