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Hi everyone I am totally new on here. This sight was recommended to me as I have this Triang pedal car. Vauxhall Premier 1930’s and I am totally stuck. I would like to find some records of when it was actually manufactured. 
also looking for parts. 

much appreciate your assistance 


Michelle Sultana 




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Antique Toy World magazine may have possibly reproduced the sales catalog/brochure that this was pictured in when new. That magazine was published in Illinois. Also a letter to the editor with a photo to The Automobile magazine in England may also bring some results for answers. There is also a Society of Automotive Historians of Great Britain who may be able to help, again they would need photos.

Your pedal car is missing the front door and that would have to be fabricated as I have never seen any for sale as reproductions, and it is missing the top part of the windshield that most likely was made from tubular stock and was able to fold. If you could find a similar one then measurements could be made to get it reproduced exactly.


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Go to Ebay and type in Triang Pedal Car in the search title, you will see some images of the car you have when new as well as similar ones for sale, this will at least give you a better idea of what the parts you have missing look like. The car may or may not have had fenders as well as headlamps.  Period copies of The Meccano magazine will picture it as well.

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