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For Sale: 1933 Pontiac 5 Window Coupe - $45,000 - Minneapolis, MN - Not Mine - Still Available, New Price $34,000: Oct-Nov 2021:


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For Sale: 1933 Pontiac 5 Window Coupe - $45,000 - Minneapolis, MN - Still Available, New Price $34,000: Oct-Nov 2021: See New Link Below:

1933 Pontiac 5 Window Coupe - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)

1933 Pontiac 5 window coupe, Straight 8 with Twin side mounts and luggage rack, 1st Year of the Straight 8, Speedometer shows 46,880 Miles, $45,000.   I purchased the car January 1980. Car had all original paint and interior. Chip Foose’s father, Sam Foose, repainted the car, and a retired master upholsterer from the Ford factory reupholstered the interior in Mohair!   The ’33 Pontiac is in excellent condition. It has won many competitive shows with 1st place trophies. I drive the coupe around the park and golf course every summer to keep it limbered up.
Prior Sales: 
2012 Monterey California:  5 Window Coupe - $50,000; 3 Window Coupe - $61,000
2008 Mecum Auction: 33 Sport Coupe - $61,500
Email for more information.

Contact: no phone listed
Copy and paste in your email:   95a102f601f832899f172fa72a08f379@sale.craigslist.org
I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1933 Pontiac 5 Window Coupe.

'33 Pontiac 5w Cp MN a.jpg

'33 Pontiac 5w Cp MN b.jpg

'33 Pontiac 5w Cp MN c.jpg

'33 Pontiac 5w Cp MN d.jpg

'33 Pontiac 5w Cp MN e.jpg

'33 Pontiac 5w Cp MN f.jpg

'33 Pontiac 5w Cp MN g.jpg

'33 Pontiac 5w Cp MN h.jpg

'33 Pontiac 5w Cp MN i.jpg

'33 Pontiac 5w Cp MN j.jpg

'33 Pontiac 5w Cp MN k.jpg

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Still Available, New Price $34,000: Oct-Nov 2021: (see edit history)
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5 hours ago, Hudsy Wudsy said:

An incredibly handsome car. I'd love to own it.

The 1933 Pontiac was young Frank Hershey's first assignment upon joining GM Art & Color after Walter Murphy Coachbuilders in Pasadena, CA closed in 1931.   He was the designer who created most of the outstanding designs for Duesenberg J's bodied by Murphy.   In later interviews, he said he took inspiration from and modeled 1933 Pontiac frontal styling on the concurrent Bentley 8 Liter which is one of the most elegant and handsome automobiles of the time.

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1 hour ago, Hudsy Wudsy said:

Here's a '32 Bentley. It, too, is a nice looking car, but I feel it's marred, like many other European marques, by overly large headlights competing for our attention.


Headlight size and placement aren't always complementary to the European design but that may be because they had to comply with the lighting regulation in that country.   The essential shape of the radiator shell similarity can to seen here.  Note for the 1933, the hood louvers are placed toward the rear which Hershey had also designed for a Bentley at Murphy.   The winged emblem is another feature Hershey included to instill a note of richness seen on the Bentley.

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  • 58L-Y8 changed the title to For Sale: 1933 Pontiac 5 Window Coupe - $45,000 - Minneapolis, MN - Not Mine - Still Available, New Price $34,000: Oct-Nov 2021:
6 minutes ago, Hudsy Wudsy said:

My one complaint, and it's one I've voiced before, is that GM coupes and convertible coupes of the thirties all have diminished deck lid height. I think that they look out of proportion in that regard.


Now that you pointed that out, I can’t unsee it, & I will ALWAYS see it.

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