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For Sale at Hershey New NOS 70's-80's Chevy Bumpers, Sheetmetal, Also 1963-64 Cadillac Parts Chocolate Field CY 38-40

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I have available some New, Original factory GM NOS Bumpers and sheet metal. These are original OEM parts, not reproduction stuff that doesn't fit properly. I can deliver these parts to Hershey AACA meet. I will be at spaces CY38-40 [3 spaces] with 1000's of NOS GM Parts. Please e-mail me if you see something you may need. I won't be bringing all of this list but most of it.

NOS Bumpers:
1972 Chevy Impala/Caprice front bumper $375
1973 Chevy Impala/Caprice front, rear and rear wagon bumpers $375
1973 Chevy Monte Carlo front bumper $425
1973 Chevelle rear bumper $425
1974-77 Vega Front bumper SOLD
1974-77 Camaro rear bumper SOLD
1977 Camaro Z-28 rear bumper [factory primed, ready for paint] $275
1977-79 Olds Omega and Buick Skylark front bumper $275
1973 Buick Skylark bumper $275
1981-86 Chevy truck front [used] SOLD
1980-85 Citation front $225
1984-87 Chevette rear $225
1976-83 Chevette Rear $225

NOS Sheetmetal:
1972-77 Camaro left side fender SOLD
1971-73 Impala sport sedan left rear quarter $450
1973-74 Chevelle r/side rear quarter $650
1974 Nova r/side front fender $325
1978-81 El Camino, Malibu r/front fender SOLD
1978-80 Monte Carlo hood [needs work ] $175
1978-80 Monte Carlo L/side front fender $325
1978-83 Malibu 4 door and wagon rear door skin $95
1980-84 Impala r/side fender $125
1980-85 Citation 2 door and X11 doors [pr] $375 pr.
1980-85 Citation X11 hood $275
1999-06 Chevy truck l/side front fender $150
2000-06 Chevy Impala l/side front fender $150
1980-90 Olds Delta 88 and 98 Regency header panel $175
1968-72 Corvette nose $450

Some of the fenders may have an easily repairable ding and some surface rust. Some of the bumpers have surface rust on the back side. The green bumpers you see in the photos have a coating the GM factory put on them when new to keep them from being scratched and beatup. Once the coating is peeled off you have shiny. bright chrome. All parts are new OEM New Old Stock Chevrolet/GM parts that have never been installed on a car. Pricing is based on condition, model of car, etc. Please e-mail for honest, detailed description, photos and price on the part you are interested in.

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