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1966 Buick Wildcat questions

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So after my 68 Buick Riviera deal fell through due to a bad engine I've decided to keep looking.  I have a chance to obtain a very nice 1966 Buick Wildcat Custom coupe with the original color/trim combo and 401 V8 engine.  It has quite a few options and its a solid #3 car.  This being said whats a reasonable price range for these cars?  Are they rare?  Is the 401 engine dependable compared to similar engines of the era?  Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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The 401 is a torque monster.  The one in Dad's '65 Electra tore 3 sets of motor mounts.  But it ran great and lasted a long time.  That being said, it was back in '66-'71 that it was driven.  The square bore Rochester 4 bbl provided a consistent 9 MPG under my heavy foot.  The switch pitch 400 tranny held up till the last year and near as I can remember it went close to 150K.  But the '66 may have been outfitted with a quadrajet at some point, so you may want to figure on the lower gas mileage figure if that is at all important to you.


 The 66 Wildcat coupe was probably 1/2 as popular in 1966, as the 68 Riv you were looking at was in 1968. According to the Standard Catalog of Buicks ( 3rd edition), there were 49,284 '68 Riv's.  There was a combined 20K '66 Wildcat coupes  and that is broken down to 9,774 series 46400 Wildcat Sport coupes  and 10,800 Wildcat Custom coupes. Today you don't see as many 66 Wildcats as you do 68 Rivieras, but I don't know that you can call either "rare". What is rare is the 66 Wildcat GS, which apparently was a trim package only for '66 and available on the coupes and convertibles.  There is no production number in that book for those with the GS option but maybe someone here knows it. 


The 66 Wildcat is a sweet car!  I doubt you'd be disappointed. 

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