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Dearborn to Lansing tour and The old car Festival at The Henry Ford.

Dandy Dave

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The Tour was around 200 miles. About 100 miles from Greenfield Village up to Lansing. And around 100 Miles back the next day to Greenfield Village at the Henry Ford. Lot of fun stops along the way. More photos of several Reo Trucks. 




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The Chartreuse Lady in for the night. A big thanks to BMW of Lansing for the use of their garage space for the night. Of course we road like the devil though Hell, MI. But we were too early to buy Ice Cream. 




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Hooven, Owens,  Rentschler Co.


I think they should have stuck with steam and coal-gas engines.


They designed and built a series of compact, high output diesels for the Navy Department in the 1930s  for use in the  (then) new Fleet-type submarines which failed spectacular fashion when put into real wartime service conditions.

They were referred to as HOR (get it?) engines in the fleet and some of the failure reports are hilarious.


The HOR debacle was a shot in the arm for GM and Fairbanks-Morse diesels, however.

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