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How to remove radio in 1948 Buick

John geer

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John, you may get some answers in this 

"General Discussion" category, but I think you'll

tap into more expertise if you also post your 

question in a specific Buick category.  Just scroll

down the list of topics, and you'll see "Buick--Postwar."

I think that will give you more and better answers.


A shop manual, if you have one, is a good thing to have.

And all the best to you with your Buick!

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Radio and speaker are a unit on these. Remove the radio knobs and you should be able to access the nuts on the radio shafts. Go under the dash and you'll see a brace attached to radio chassis and dash. Unplug the wiring, remove attaching nuts and the radio should lower out from behind the dash.


After 70+ years the anti rattle seal on the speaker may be stuck to the dash pretty well. 

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that reminds me. I need to take out that cheap KRACO AM/FM cassette out of my 68 Chevy wagon and replace it with a standard a.m. radio that I took out of another Chevy many decades ago. But first I should get it modified at least to plug my iPhone into… (or maybe use one of those Bluetooth adapters.)

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