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Rochester 2G, 4G power valve tools


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There was a thread on another forum about using a slotted screwdriver for working on Rochester power valves to prevent damage. This tool also works on Stromberg power valves.

But, both Carter and Stromberg supplied a tool for their power valves (or the Carter multiple jet) that is much better for someone that works on carburetors more than occasionally. This tool may be made (or acquire one of the factory tools).

A word picture:

One starts with a piece of 7/16 inch steel rod about 6 inches in length, and a junk 3/8 drive socket

Chuck the rod into one's lathe and drill a hole in one end 3/4 inch deep using a number 42 drill (0.093) inch.

Now, remove the rod from the lathe, and using a milling machine, remove 0.196 material from the both sides of the same end, leaving a "screwdriver" blade 0.040 wide, and 0.075 tall.

Cut the socket drive from the socket, and weld the opposite end of the rod to the socket drive.

Observe that when using the tool on a power valve, the power valve plunger will be inserted into the center hole, thus no force will be exerted on the plunger, thus no damage to the seat will occur.

Also observe the "screwdriver" blade has a straight "vertical" rather than the tapered "vertical" of a conventional screwdriver; thus the slot will not be damaged on power valves one tries to remove from carburetors that one salvaged from the bottom of a pond wink.gif

And the old saying "a picture is worth a 1000 words"; here are three:




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